So for awhile now I have been looking for a simple curtain rod to use in my Mini Camper. I toyed with several ideas like magnets, velcro, duct tape( it works if you don’t have anything else), Blinds etc. They all probably would have worked but most of them seemed more complicated than needed. Nor am I sure they would take the beating of being bounced around in a trailer at 60 mph. So I asked around in my mini camper groups to see what every one was using. After suggestions similar to magnets and Velcro someone suggested Swivel End Sash Curtain Rods.

I checked them out they looked simple enough and would allow the curtain to slide like a curtain should. Where Magnets, Velcro and Duct tape don’t. The curtain rods also didn’t stick out from the wall more than a quarter of an inch meaning they weren’t going to be constantly getting bumped. Making them low profile. Another plus was they could be quickly pulled down with little fuss and then stowed.

An added bonus is that if you want to you can mount 2 rods one at the top of your window and one below it. With the hooks on the bottom mounted upside down so when the rods are treaded thru the curtain a small amount of tension is given to both rods locking them in place. This works great for when you can’t get the trailer just level. Without the bottom rod the curtain may lean out from the window a bit.

Here is the Amazon link to the curtains.

SKEMIX 5/16-Inch Swivel End Sash Curtain Rods – 2 Rods – 21 – 38 Inch Adjustable Width, White with Nickel Ends
by 123merininteriors
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