Rocky Point Drive-In sign

115 North Country Rd., Rte 25A, Rocky Point, NY 11778

Opening date: June 16, 1961 Final season: 1988

Built by Prudential Theatres, operated later by United Artist Theatres

Below are photos of the entrance way or driveway leading up to the parking lot. The only remains I found on the site were the driveway and parking lot. i was unable to determine even were the screen or projection booth would have been located. When I explored this location it was totally unplanned so I had not done any research of the site prior using maps or satellite images. This subsequently made things harder as the site is heavily over grown. So locating where the structures were was not possible without that info. I will however try to make another trip to do further exploration and another blog entry will follow.

Also next door actually on the same property is an abandoned driving range which i have photos of and will post in a separate blog.

It’s sad that this isn’t open as it would be a great asset to the community during Covid. Actually I think it wouldn’t take much to clear the parking lot and setup a temporary screen and projection booth.

The theater opened June 16, 1961 with a capacity for 750 cars. One of the first movies shown there was the John Wayne movie “The Alamo.” The theater operated it until it closed in 1988.

Other resources I found on the location

Remembering the Rocky Point Drive-In: An American cultural icon | TBR News Media

Rocky Point Drive-in Theatre was located in Rocky Point, New York (

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