Rocky Point Pine Barrens ruins

40.923101763324595, -72.92770749602052
NY-25A, Rocky Point, NY 11778

Rocky Point Pine Barrens provides almost 10 miles for trails for Hiking and biking. The area is mostly flat making hiking anywhere in the park easy. The land was originally home to RCA Radio Corporation America and still has some historic remains or ruins of the world largest transmitter site. Many of the tower pilons still remain on site. The park has some amazing history attached to it. Also near by is wardenclyffe the site of Wardenclyffe Tower also know as the Tesla Tower. Where Nikola Tesla conducted early experiments in wireless transmission. Competing against the American Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of North America which in partnership with others formed RCA Radio Central. The property RCA occupied was approximately 6400 acres which is now the Rocky Point Pine Barrens. The Rocky Point facility was closed in 1978 due the the advent of Satellite communications. The state bought the land from Robert Lundquist for the price of one silver dollar. Lundquist donated the silver dollar to the Rocky Point Historical Society.

Paumanok Path Trail Head

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RCA Radio Central – Rocky Point Historical Society

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